Tabletop Candy Company, LLC seeks to combine the fun of tabletop role playing games with the joy of eating candy. We’re inspired by the idea of blending these concepts and motivated by the apparent lack of existing options. As far as we can tell, there simply does not exist a tabtletop or board game that involves the consumption of, well, anything. We’re dedicated to changing that!

Along with Gobz™ Stands which can transform almost any gummy candy into tabletop gummy miniatures, we’re working on a line of products that will make your gaming experiences even more satisfying. Our Gummy Gobz™ will be fantasy-themed gummy characters that you can use in your home games to represent the creatures they resemble, or to stand in for any of the traditional, medium-sized monster minis. Our first set will include the goblinoidz (goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear). On their heels will be fiendz, savagez, monsterz and larger one-offs called bossez. All will be designed by talented artists to give each group its own unique interpretation.

TCC will also be producing Gummy Moldz™ that will give game masters and dungeon masters the ability to mix up their own batch of tabletop gummy miniatures from their favorite homemade recipes. We’re especially excited about Gummy Gobz™ the Game which will involve fast-paced dice rolling action where you beat and eat your enemies! The possibilities are as endless as the memorable moments we make in our favorite tabletop games.

TCC is here to sweeten your gaming experience one devoured enemy at a time!

“Beat ‘em, and eat ‘em!”

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